July 1, 2010

The National Champs!!!

 Our team is to the right
Justin in the far back and Moriah up front
They are along side the Puerto Rican Drill team who won National champs for Drill

Yep, they WON!!!

After putting in hours of 
running, marching, and other practices to get everything in sync....

Their hard work paid off!

They have outstanding character and team spirit.  

I am so proud of these kids.

Here are a few pictures of their competition and visit to Oregon...

 During inspection by an US Air Force Honor Guard....

Moriah running her mile
ran it in 7 mins 58 sec...
This young man was the fastest runner at competition, winning the Fleet Foot award for our team
He ran the mile in 5 mins 28 sec

Left to right:
Dillon, Tyler, Justin, Mary Elizabeth
 My handsome son!!  :)

Mt Hood
(they didn't get a chance to go to the Coast due to their strict schedule)

 On the airplane...
Donnie and Tyler

Moriah was in tears when they announced the winners....


Mrs. Taffy said...

That's so awesome! I didn't realize they had to be physically fit as well! Wow! You must be so happy to have your champs home! What a great memory made! So happy for them!

Hugs from all the B's! :o)

mommyx12 said...

Excellent, you must be so proud. Great jobs kids!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Where is that picture taken? That must be at the air musueum?

Congrats! They must have been outstanding!

Lt Col Ray Powell, Commander, USAF Honor Guard said...

Congratulations to all! The Drill Team truly enjoys this opportunity to coach our next generation of Airmen (we hope). Thanks for supporting the CAP and your kids.

Cinnamon said...

Amazing!! What an awesome event! They must have been so nervous and to have won!! Excellent!

I heard a cute quote today about excellence...

"Excellence is easy when it's practiced every day"

Yeah for runners!!! Our guy finally broke his 5 minute mile and came in at 4:57. So I know just how excited you are :-)

Congratulations to all~ Cinnamon