June 14, 2010

I'm losing it....

No, not my mind!!

my FAT!

After being preggo almost every other year

I am ready to lose this

My plan is to lose about 50 lbs of blubber by the time I turn 40 this December.
So...if I lose 2 lbs a week
I think I can reach my goal

I remember when I had lost some weight about 10 years ago right before my 30th birthday...
I went down to my pre-pregnancy weight and looked pretty darn good. :)

Here is a picture of me at my wonderful 30th birthday outing in Tampa, Florida
Just thought I would act a little wild and crazy

So today is the official kick off of the fat coming off.
To be honest.....I am a little hesitant to let you know what I'm doing


because this means......
you are going to be expecting me to lose the weight

by telling you
will make me accountable and maybe more determined to stick with it

welllll....I'm still a little hesitant.

Oh well....what can I do about it now, since I already told you...
no turning back now....yikes!


I kept thinking today while doing the dishes:

"I am not getting skinnier by standing here and doing dishes"
"I walk around the house and still not lost one pound"
"I'm not nursing anymore, so what's my excuse?"

What is my excuse? What am I waiting for?
the dishes will always be here and
by golly
( not how I really talk in person..just when I write...ha ha)

the kids can do 'em if I need them to.

So I am determined to make the time during afternoon naps to really work myself hard!

i think
oh gosh I hope
knees trembling

Here is the DVD I am using (for now) to get the FAT off

I am trying to do the whole dvd....ha ha...

I feel like a very out of shape woman....you should see me.....not a pretty sight
oh no! not at all....

At least I'm in the comfort of my own home...a big plus when I don't want people staring at how
my blubber jiggles
i know...gross

and how
awkward I might look doing those lunges....my oh my!

Soooo..... who has inspired me to lose it?
I found this cool blog of a woman determined to lose
100 lbs!!

It has ever so motivated me.
So far she has lost a little over 50 lbs and looks absolutely fabulous!
I just love her before and after pics. She also takes pics of herself after every weigh in..
She looks beautiful!
Here's her blog...
Real Fat

And the searching continues

I'm ready to be
to live
a fulfilled


Jennifer said...

you can do it girl....I'm rootin' for ya!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Good for you. I have watched my hubby struggle for 15 years. It is difficult for him. The one thing we have both learned is you can exercise all you want (even at his heaviest he worked out 2 hours every day) it is all about portions. Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied NOT FULL. Big difference. I lost 20 lbs of baby fat using this method and it works.

Accountability is huge too. I'm proud of you for putting this on your blog. You are also being a good example to your children.

momto9 said...

Oh this will be fun! I can't wait to read updates on how it's goin for ya!