May 20, 2010

More of me Audio...Good Morning!

Good Morning

Can you believe it....I made another recording this morning.

This is a bit longer...I think like 10 minutes. So if you listen, maybe you can get up and move around, fold clothes, make a sandwich or go web surfing while listening to my talk.

I decided that I will be posting these on this blog not my Managing My Home blog....
So keep coming back HERE for more!

Enjoy and leave your questions and feedback.....

This is me this morning....
Ignore the green screen in the back...
Donnie was busy working last night

1 comment:

Mrs. Taffy said...

Thanks for the giggle! I don't even feel "grown-up!" How can that be? Well, I'll be 40 in a couple years and I get more pimples then my teens do! Ahhhh!

I love the morning too! My coffee is calling to me. I'll drink it and think of you and ask the Father to bless you with an amazing day, full of grace and joy and purpose!

Much love,

Carissa (Mrs. Taffy)