June 1, 2009

Week in Review: May 28-June 1

(Ephee and Kole having fun during the game--LOL)

(Had to play on a very wet field--after 2 wks of rain)

(Holding up trophy's at the banquet for playing a good season)

(Before her appointment...she's happy)
(Not so happy :(...LOL)
(Baby girl get's her weigh in)

Had another fun filled week: Celebrating my hubby's birthday (sorry no pic..just had a short video but couldn't download), Shiloh's playoff game (who's team almost went to the Championship), Shiloh's flag football banquet, and Ana's 4 month appointment. I think there were some other little happenings but can't remember at the moment. Trying to make this post a little brief cuz right now I should be doing other things than typing on this blog. Yes, laundry, to name a few.....LOL

Donnie's birthday was so busy we had his Birthday dinner on Friday. I made his favorite: Meatloaf, with Mashed Potatoes and green beans on the side and for dessert...Apple Pie (Publix--no amazing creations at this point of my life) with vanilla ice cream (buy one, get one deal from Publix).

Shiloh played his last Playoff game this past Thursday. We played a tough team.--(the coach on the other team kept calling all sorts of fouls and "complaining" about tiny details...wasn't fun) They had us over by three touchdowns and he still was trying to beat us down :( Either way...Shiloh's team had a good team spirit.

Ana had her four month check up today (Monday). She is doing great. She weighed in at 12 lbs 10 oz, and about 24 inches tall. She is very proportioned with her height and weight. She falls around the (30% range for both height and weight). She didn't get vaccines this month (we usually wait till our babies are about 6 months--less stress on the baby and body), but the doctor visit knocked her out. She didn't enjoy getting undressed and having the Doc poke her all over her little body. Not fun!! I 'm with you girl!!! LOL. I am so glad she's been healthy. She's had a few colds but very blessed for healthy kids.

Coming up this week: I have a homeschool pool party Wednesday (that will be fun); I order my homeschool books on Wednesday (my book supplier is coming into town that day); My big homeschool evaluations are happening on Thursday afternoon (I'm a little nervous, but I know she (evaluator) will say I did great!--hopefully ); Friday, I go into to get my back cracked (this has become a weekly thing, since having 8 babies--I need some serious work); Saturday I have a friend and her whole troop (they have lots of kids also) coming over for dinner, it will be lots of fun and hopefully they can make it still; and Sunday--my day of rest and going to Church...

Until then...



Tricia said...

LIfe is busy isn't it? I've been offline for a few days and having fun catching up with everyone!!

Jessica said...

Soooo busy but it is a good busy. About the chiropractor- I hear you. That reminded me how badly I need to go. I only have 4, I cant't imagine what I will feel like after 8 :) Blessings.