June 22, 2009

Quick Update

(Here I am in this nice kitchen...my friend took this because I told her the dishes and laundry follow me where ever I go)

(Here is a shot of the dining room/living room of the condo we lived in for a week. It was gorgeous. I know--- Ephee doesn't look very happy "Mama get me DOWN!!")

(Here is a shot from the 5th floor--our condo was on the 5th floor...good thing for elevators around the corner of our condo)

Just a quick update....I got back from vacation this past Friday. We had a blast. I will be putting more pictures up soon. Justin also turned a year older on the 20th. He is now 15.....WOW!! We've been busy this past weekend and trying to get out of the vacation mode. I am going to be posting on Justin and our vacation hopefully in the days to come when I have a spare moment. So much to share.

Till then.


PS... Also---- I am going to be updating my new blog Managing My Home in the the days to come. Pssst.....not much managing has taken place since getting back from vacation. Ugh.!! But you know that is why I have the blog....to be real and transparent and to show you all that I don't always have together. LOL I better run... baby is crying, kids need to eat, and laundry needs to be washed, oh and you can't forget the dishes (I am going to put the kids to work)...life as a mommy!!!

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Tricia said...

Yep, I agree about the laundry and dishes. They follow my around too!!