June 5, 2009

Just Having Fun

My husband......you gotta love him!!! He is such a character!!

Bath time at our house is never a dull moment and never a "quick get in and get washed up" moment. Actually, that's what I do, when I give them baths (I know---no fun). But when Daddy gives them a bath.....daddy has to become a "character". I guess this one is called the bath ninja, cowboy, Zorro...something like that. LOL!! My boys LOVE bath times with daddy because you never know when the Ninja will show up and what he will be wearing......LOL!!! Like I said, you gotta love my hubby....I SURE DO!!!



Nancy @ momjustlikeyou said...

This totally cracks me up!

Sara L said...

Hilarious - Donnie is a hoot!