May 4, 2009

Our weekends and more schedule type stuff!!

Our weekends have been a bit busy with flag football this season. The games are on Saturday, either in the morning or at noon with the hot Florida sun is beating down. I always enjoy my time at the games because I also get to chat away with my friend who's son is on the team as well. I've got to admit....I think I talk more than watch the game!! LOL We are having so much fun cheering Shiloh on. He has enjoyed playing. He is one focused little boy. :) This past Saturday he pulled 3 flags and our team won the game!! Yeah, Shiloh!!!

Now for a bit of schedule talk....Why are Mondays so tough. It seems like my Monday's are filled with things I have to catch up on. I have realized that I have to really watch every minute of my time. There is no wasting time. If I waste time on things not planned, then it comes back to bite me. I actually have to plan my days to the minute. Even on weekends. I remember those days of spontaneity; I can't afford time to do that anymore. This is hard for me, but the Lord is teaching me time management.

Here is a sample of my daily schedule up to dinner time - I say this with with "tounge in cheek" :) because I don't always have a day as the one below. This is what my ideal day would look like and sometimes looks like. We all need a day planned out and stuck on our refrigerator doors to remind us of what our day SHOULD look like. LOL!!!

4:40 Alarm goes off and feed baby (this all depends on how quick I get out of bed :)

5:00 My breakfast and God time (also depends on when I wake.)

6:15 dress, groom, and clean my room

7:00-8:00 Kids up (not all of them are quick to get up. this is when I get the little guys up)start Morning routine and chores

8:00 Breakfast and clean up after breakfast

8:30 Little boys go outside and play

9:00-11:45 Doing School with children. I rotate them around. I start with the youngest and
work my self up.

12:00 walk

12:30 finish walk

12:45 shower

1:15 clean up kitchen or do left over cleaning kids didn't do

1:45 Read to little boys and prep for nap

2:00 Feed baby

2:30-4:00 (during this time I have to fit in: Laundry, chores, check schoolwork, and personal computer time---still working on all of this. Alot of times one or more of these go
unndone. I am working to stay focused on this time when littles are sleeping)

4:30 Start dinner preparations (this might have to be moved to earlier and depends on what I am cooking that night)

5:00 Nurse baby (this depends on what time she wakes, I usually try to hold her off some if she is close to this time.)

6:00 Kids in from playing and wash up/ a child sets table

6:15 Have dinner done and ready to eat

6:30 Eat Dinner

This schedule also changes up a bit depending if I have to be out during the week. And if you are wondering what are the other times Ana is scheduled to eat---her feedings are around 7:30 or 8:00 am, and 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm...pretty much every 3 hrs---except at night. She goes down for the night around 8:00 pm.

Ok...., so now I am looking at the time and realized I have not done one thing to stick to the above schedule. It is almost 2:30 pm and the little boys are still walking around and baby is crying, and I am finishing up this post right now because I have time to keep and children to tend to.



Zawir Al-Hamidi said...

Congratulations! You have a nice blog.

Tricia said...

Okay, now I'm tired. What a day. 4:40, man that's the middle of the night for me:) And Monday's, lets not even talk about those days.