May 20, 2009

Moriah's Piano Recital

(Moriah looks beautiful)

(Moriah plays, as her piano teacher looks on)

(Daddy and Moriah)

This past Sunday, Moriah performed in her first Piano Recital. She played three different songs. She did wonderfully. Moriah is my piano master! She loves to play. I never have to fuss to get her to practice her books. She is always on the piano. Moriah is one of the top students in her class.

We had so much fun preparing for this recital: We went out and bought her a nice dress and shoes to match; I did her hair in curls, painted her fingernails and toes to match her dress; And yes she got to wear a little bit of makeup too. She looked beautiful and you could tell she felt very special. I, for some reason was a nervous wreck (in a small way). I just wanted everything to work out just right for her. I was also thinking that if I am feeling this way with a piano recital, how will I be with her wedding. Sheesh...I better calm down a bit. LOL.

Anyhow, this week has been busy! My schedule has been thrown out the window. Laundry has been stacked up to the roof, house is dirty, and what else can I complain about..hmmmm....Oh, yeah, it has been raining the past three days here in Florida and it is cold outside. All this rain makes you want to sleep in and forget about everything else. The kids have been cooped up inside and you know what that means. Everyone is getting on each others nerve. LOL


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Tricia said...

She is beautiful. What songs did she play? And I had to laugh when you worried a bit over her wedding. I have those thoughts too so I try to be very careful which events to make "big". It's so hard choosing. But don't want to spoil them too much:) We just finished with 2 recitals. Time to relax. But our piano teacher insist that we continue through the summer.