March 12, 2009

A Routine, a Schedule, or Both?

As I begin to assess my surroundings, I am putting together my schedule.  I have found that if I want to get everything accomplished in a day, I need to wake up at 4:30 AM.  I know this sound extra early.  I have tried this past week to aim for this wake time, but I haven't arrived.  I usually will wake around 5 ish to feed the baby and then roll out of bed around 5:30 or 6:00.  But it isn't consistent every day.  My wake time is dependent on who or what wakes me first--the baby or the alarm clock.  I have found that the alarm will be blasting for 30 minutes but as soon as the baby starts to stir, I wake up.  Funny, isn't it?

So here is my question:  Do I have to be so strict with my time?  This where my struggle comes.  I have a set routine I follow but if I don't wake up at the same time, something is going to be left undone.  I am still putting my schedule together by following the MOTH approach to scheduling.

This book is an excellent source of information for those of us who need some help in the scheduling and time management area of our lives.  

I have found that I am using a mixture of both a timed schedule and a set routine with my daily life.  But it seems I tend to fall into the routine category more so than a timed schedule.  I guess I have a mental note of the times to accomplish tasks but actually following it has been the challenge.  Yes, I have made many timed schedules in my life.  I do well for a few weeks and then notice I fall back into my natural tendencies of being laid back. LOL!!  Then I become overly laid back and get the bare minimum accomplished.  I then beat myself up and become stressed out.  I then go back to the scheduling and start this whole vicious cycle again.  UGH!!  

My mistake is giving into my natural tendencies way to much.  I need to become more disciplined in actually accomplishing my tasks at those set times I have floating around in my mind.  Becoming more strict with when we have breakfast, naps, and most important when we have school is very important in maintaining structure and peace in my home.  In between these I will follow more of a routine with feeding the baby (more demand feeding but still keeping her on a 3 hour feeding schedule--no set times though), taking my toddlers outside, cleaning house, etc..  Ultimately my aim is for a more timed schedule...eventually I might arrive.  We'll see. 


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