March 7, 2009

Managing My Home

I've been reading the Managers of Their Chores book (highly recommended book to read) and getting very excited about starting chore training in my home. My children do have chores they do on a daily basis but not many.  Also, they haven't been thoroughly trained in doing the job well.  Training is the area where I tend to loose my patience and throw up my hands and do the jobs myself.  

This book has encouraged me so much to look at this whole "chore training" as training for life.  I have known for years that chores is a tool for training for their future....I have mentally known this, but it hasn't hit my heart.  This is what has convicted me while reading this book.  It is a continual process and it isn't just about getting the "chores" done.  It's about service to others.  

As I am preparing to begin my chore planning of "who will do what" and how my day will run, I have taken pictures of the morning routine.  This will be used by the little boys who don't read. Even though I thought it would be fun to apply it for all the children.  Here are a few:

(Galen was my model: Putting away PJs)

(Combing hair)

(Brushing his teeth)

(Washing his hands)

I highly recommend this book for any mom who wants to train their children to be good servants unto the Lord and contributors to their family.  And to train them to "fly" on their own one day.  



Tricia said...

I hope you post on how this book has affected your life. I tried MOTH out on my family but I couldn't seem to get the motivation needed to make it work. Is this working for you well? I may have to look into it.

Karen said...

We've been doing this for several years now and progressively adding more responsibility as the children get older. It really works, with parental resolve and persistence, and makes all the difference in running the house smoothely.