March 4, 2009

Granny's Crumb Cake

This morning I made "Granny's Crumb Cake" for breakfast.  I've decided that one way to get the kids out of bed in the morning is by the inviting smells of a baked or homemade breakfast.  If you ever stayed at a hotel or Bed and Breakfast overnight, there is something so "homey" and inviting about the smells of breakfast cooking in the morning.  It just makes the day feel alot better.  

I pulled this recipe from the Bed and Breakfast Inns Online.  This link has all sorts of recipes from beautiful Bed and Breakfast Inns all over the States.  You know these recipes are going to be "homey" and inviting.  

Go ahead and try this recipe for breakfast or for afternoon snack or "tea" like my granny use to serve.  Reminds of my tea times with grandma. 



Nancy said...

That looks real good right about now! How did you have time for this?!? (Haha!)

Tracy Henley Photography said...

that looks sooooo good! was it yummy?