March 29, 2009

Chores at Our Home

Since finishing the Managers of Their Chores book and starting the ChorePack system, I highly recommend to any family who has children and has struggled with their children doing chores to buy this book. It is such a great book and so easy to use the system. When the book first arrived, I flipped through it and immediately became so overwhelmed by how much information there was. I wanted to start the system that day but I had to read the book cover to cover. It took about a week and then I started the system.

(These chorepacks are hanging up in my laundry room)

(Closer look at what they look like)

(Card for the pre-reader--he is still learning)

(This is where I store the rest of my cards with other chores)

I have tried other ways of accomplishing chores at home and this has far gone above and beyond my expectations. The kids love doing their ChorePacks and every morning all I have to say is "Start your chorepacks!" and they go off and do them. I can't believe those chores I use to do myself, the children are doing now without being fussed at. My house is clean! (well for the most part). All I do is make sure they are on task and manage them as they go along. My one child who always resisted doing chores loves doing them the most. She is the first to get her packs done before anyone else. And guess what?....I don't have to fuss and nag.

This system has been such a great blessing!! Again, I highly recommend it!!



Tricia said...

Okay, so I think I can do this. Thanks for such a great post on this. I'm inspired.

Nancy @ momjustlikeyou said...

I am thinking that maybe I should do this... I got the MOTH book and there was NO way I could do it. I tend to be all or nothing, so I just couldn't hack trying to figure out so many people and their schedules and then feeling like I had always fallen short. The chore pack thing, though, is another matter. I can't get the boys to pick up their room to save my life... I need help. In the last year the house has gotten out of hand and I am not up to cleaning as much since I have fibromyalgia. I would like to do more, but can't. Lots of helpers should learn to help!

Tracy Henley Photography said...

you go girl!