December 16, 2008

Homeschooling and Homemaking while Pregnant

How do you do it?  These are the questions people often ask me.  Actually, I really don't know how. I know it is the grace of God.  I am by far an organized person.  I really desire to be like those mommys who have a great schedule or have a master grocery list or an organized homeschool portfolio.  

My Waking time:
Many times I wake up late.  The past few months I have been trying to get up around 5 am but noooo, not happening.  I told myself if I can get up around 7 at the latest then I am somewhat ok.  I definitely need to get up before the children.  I also need to get bed on time!!  I will someday get this down.  Hopefully sooner than later. 

My Grocery list:
I sometimes have such a hard time figuring out what I am going to make let alone what do I buy for these next few weeks or even month.  Yikes!!  While I am pregnant sometimes I can't actually think.  I have to sit down and think very HARD.  I finally found a small little system that works for me.  If I can plan my dinners then it is downhill from there.  I go onto my computer calendar and schedule the meals out this way.  It has worked.  Then my email sends me a reminder as to what I am making that day.  So far it has worked.  Hallelujah, thank you Lord. 

My Homeschooling:
Sometimes I wonder why God has entrusted me to homeschool my children.  This is my flesh speaking and I have to remember what God said years ago when my oldest was in 1st grade.  You are going to homeschool!!  So here I am and my oldest is in high school now and boy, sometimes it can be tempting to put him in school.  But again, I have to remember the "word of the Lord".  And then I say to myself---"I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." 

My husband has been schooling my oldest and doing some science and history with my 11yr old girl.  So all I have to worry about is the Shiloh and Tsavah's schooling day.  Lately, even this has been a challenge. I know it is only a season and this is what I am reminded of.  When the baby comes, I won't feel so tired.  Honestly, once my babies are born, I actually have so much energy and I don't get very sleepy.  Even when I am waking every two-three hours, oh....and just to have my body shrink back ,is a relief.  I know I will be back to thinking more clearly and probably doing all kinds of schooling once Spring gets here.  

As for now, I am taking it one day at a time and enjoying my time of pregnancy.  I am counting down the weeks because I can't wait to meet my new little girl.  We are so excited about her joining our family.  Especially her older sisters.  


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Caron said...

Hi, Well, my hat is off to you bc I find it challenging to homeschool my one daughter who is 8 and I'm not pregnant!

Do you use both Sonlight and H.O.W?

Bless you!!