April 6, 2008

Saturated in The Word

The word of God so holy, so pure, so good.  Truth!!  So needed in the lives of mothers.  Being saturated in the Word takes place constantly.  To survive motherhood we need the Holy Spirit's guidance daily.  So how, can we as mothers saturate ourselves with God's word? 

We are very busy women, especially if you have a large family.  Time???  Time for God's word?  Well, uhhh, yeah I pray.  "Lord, help me!!! and change these kids, Lord!!  Lord, are you listening.  I am sacrificing daily to raise Godly children for your kingdom!!  Hello, God are you there."  Sounds oh so familiar.  I've been there done that.  This is why I can talk about it. 

My daily time with God had been much out of desperation so I could survive this motherhood thing that he has called me into.  Alot of "help me's" were cried out!!!    Alot of complaining and crying out!!!  David cried out. Yes, but he also declared who God was in his life.   

Declarations, confessions, and thankfulness has now taken place in my daily time with God.  You must be thinking I have a set time in the morning or evening to pray and declare.  Actually, I do it all day long.  Yes, I love to rise early in the morning and have "coffee time" with the Lord.  I love to read his word.  But most of my time with the Lord is spent while doing household tasks or while I nurse my 6 month old.  I even use my time in the bathroom to rejoice in Him.  When do I have time to read His word?  Usually, when I have moment to sit or rest I will open up the Word.  

My newest way to get the word has been to download messages on my ipod.  My favorite sites are KCM (Kenneth Copeland Ministries--www.kcm.org), Moore life Now (Keith Moore--morelifenow.org) and Charles Capp.  I've been soaking myself in the Word of God.  I feel so revived and I am walking with so much Joy and Victory.  Yes, victory!!  The same lady that use to cry out for help--"HELP!!" is now confident in her Lord and what He did for me when He died on the cross.  He died so I didn't have to struggle daily.  He died, so I can have life more abundantly.  He died so I can experience true love.  He died so I can live a life of the Kingdom.  He died so I can be healed of all my diseases.  He died so that I can LIVE!!!!

Such transformation takes place when you renew your mind daily in His word.  I start my day with thanksgiving, and then I confess His scriptures over my life and my family.  Out loud, I confess His word so I can hear it.  Because Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17).  I also declare who I am in Christ and am reminded of how Good He is to me.  His word never fails.  If I have a need, I ask in faith and know I will receive.   I don't have to constantly be asking Him for the same things.  He has heard me and knows what I have need of and then I thank Him for it.  Even if I don't see it immediately I know it is coming.  Praise God!

Beautiful mothers out there that feel like life is just coming down hard on you.  Look up and be thankful that we have hope and we have an answer to EVERYTHING we can imagine.  If we don't know what to do with our teenager or our toddler--Ask and you WILL receive!!  He has not forsaken us.  He has given us the answers already.  He has met our needs and we always triumph in Christ Jesus.  Be thankful about everything and know we have God the Father on our side.  Yahoo!!!  Life should never be dull when we are saturated in His Word.  Hallelujah!!!


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