January 15, 2007

Pictures taken during the Holidays---Enjoy!!!

Me, my babe(my hubby), and my little Kole

Our friends Keisha and Kevin. They came down to visit during the Holidays. They live up in NC. We were so happy to see them.

Us posing with Santa. Every Christmas Eve our tradition is to head down to the Mall and get our Santa pic. This year, while waiting in line for our pic, there was a bomb threat. So we all had to evacuate. We caught Santa outside. Ha ha ha.

The troop assembling the trampoline and the end result. They are out there all day. Great exercise also.

My two year old Galen riding his Harley!

Justin my 12 yr. old, finally got his banjo. Let the bluegrass begin!! Yeehaw.

I have so many more pictures that I would like to post. But for now enjoy these. Periodically I will post pictures of my lovely family.

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Beth said...

Love the pictures!
Does Justin play the banjo? We love bluegrass here! JoyAnn my 17 plays harmonica, violin, and some piano. We will have to plan a song time when we go to Flordia this October ;-)