December 29, 2006

Train up our Children in the Way they Should Go

Vision? What is the vision for your family? What is the vision for your children? Are you walking aimlessly or are you walking with a purpose. Are we as parents teaching our children to walk with purpose; to walk in the calling they have on their lives?

As homeschooling parents, we have a huge responsibility to make sure our children are learning the right information. We want to make sure they are successful in all they do and make sure there are no gaps in their education. STOP!!! Are we losing focus here? What does God want? Have we asked Him lately to show us what direction our childen should take? Or are we just filling their minds with useless knowledge? Most of the information we throw at them they will forget a day from now. But the things the LORD has chosen for them, will remain for eternity.

Yes, we as homeschooling parents have a huge responsibility; the responsibility to teach and train up our children in the way they should go. This is made known by seeking the Lord Himself. A God led education is the most valuable education any child can receive. Why? Because it is led by the One who has known our children from before they were born.

How do we know what to teach and how to train for their lives? As we lay our thoughts and ideas before Him, then the information we need will come naturally. This takes time. Time to seek and pray and wait to hear what we should do. The Lord is teaching us patience as we wait for His answers and to put all our trust in Him so to not jump into just any course. The course for their lives will be revealed before our eyes by spending time speaking with and watching our children.

This can be an exciting journey. Yes at times it can be frustrating especially when you believe you should go one direction but the Lord is saying "Go this way." Remember that the Lord's ways are the best ways, so knowing this, we can rest in peace. Rest in a certainty that our children will be successful in the Lord's eyes. This is the ultimate goal.

Seek and you will find!



Beth said...

Oh Chris you said this so well!
We have been doing God lead Schooling for years and people are just now realizing the importance of this.
Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

yes Chris you can put my blog on your site.
Thanks for asking and I count it an honor to have a link on your site as I find your site very encouraging.