December 14, 2006

The Love of the Father

My baby! He is sooo cute!

There are those days that just do not go right, but when I look into my little boy's eyes and he gives me this big smile, everything just seems to melt away.

All those stresses and demands of the day just disappear. Doing the laundry, schooling, cleaning......the list can go on. But when my Kole wakes up, his big smile makes me think that all those demands of life are not important but only my family.

God, has given us babies and children to make us step back and look at our lives and say "WOW, if we love our children this much, just imagine the love the Father has for us. It is truly amazing! I stand in awe daily of his wonderful Love for me and his mercies and much grace in my life, especially when I feel like I have messed up the entire day. But my LORD still calls me "A Joyful Mother" despite my flaws.


Sharon Shorter said...

Beautiful words, Chris!!! I tried to call your cell phone today. - You were unavailable. I will try to call back. Love you!

Annmarie said...

Awesome is the Father in YOU, Chris - and to think I knew you when...look what the Lord has done, just look what the Lord has done (I feel a song coming on!) What an encouragement this is to us in the SFla wasteland of few families (traditional, at least) and even fewer children, not to mention, no Jesus. They just need to know Jesus!! So much to share -xoA

Anonymous said...

Hola prima cristina, veo que tu familia ha crecido bastante, me alegro.

Saludos desde Chile. Punta Arenas.
Nelson Atienza Cruz
(Tu primo)