December 26, 2006

Have We Made a Difference this Year?

It is the day after Christmas, and the New Year will soon approach us. Time seems to fly and when we look back we ask ourselves---"What have we done this past year to make a difference in someone's life?"

Sometimes as mothers we can get so distracted and caught up with doing "stuff", whatever this "stuff" might mean to you. Ask yourselves, does this "stuff" that I am doing have eternal value. I have been looking at my life like this lately. I am usually the first to get up tight about my agenda not going the way I have planned. Or the house is a wreck. Or I have to this or that. I can absolutely drive myself into a panic if I start to look at all the little details of my life. Little details here or little details there, can steal our joy right out of our day.

The LORD wants us to cast our cares and burdens to HIM. Then he wants us to look to Him for direction. He does not want us to fill our minds with the details of life, because He will take care of them. He wants us to be joyful and make a difference in someone's life. As mothers, we need to minister to our children and make a difference in their lives. They need us to wipe away their tears or kiss their owies. They need us to just be there for them. They, most important, need to see how we as mothers are seeking the Lord and trusting Him with our everyday needs. They need to see how we run to the Lord, so they will be quick to run to Him first and foremost.

Also, have we as parents taught our children to "love their neighbors"? I personally have to work at this. I naturally like to remain within my comfort zone. I sometimes don't want to "love" my neighbors, so to speak. A few days ago my husband invited a single dad and his daughter over for dinner. I immediately wanted to make an excuse as to why I didn't want them over. I had to clean, or I din't know what to make for dinner, or etc.... But the LORD convicted me in the way I was thinking. I was not extending my hand out to the needy. I was not loving my neighbor. I was acting selfish. It turned out to be a blessed evening. They were so blessed to have dinner with us. I went out of my way to serve and love them. I also was very blessed, and experienced the joy of serving my LORD, by serving this family.

My prayer is that my children will also extend their hands to the Lord by serving and loving their "neighbors". Before wanting for themselves, I want them to want for others first.
So what is your prayer for this year? Go ahead and touch someone's life this year and make an eternal difference!


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