December 14, 2006

Having Daughters

My girls bring so much joy into my life and our home. They are the "giggle girls". They do this all day long sometimes. I have to admit, there are days that I just want silence. But when I step back from my agenda, I just giggle along with them. They are so special in my life.

They are growing up so fast. Moriah is 9 and becoming such a little Miss. Tsavah is 7 and she to is following after her sisters footsteps. Tsavah is the little mommy. She is usually the first to get the baby out of his crib and hold him in the mornings before I am ready to tend to him.

They both love the Lord with all their heart. They love to worship him in song and dance. It is a lovely sight to watch my girls worship God.

Having daughters is such a great blessing in my life. They are the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. (mama bragging a bit) The Lord has only blessed us with two girls and who knows maybe one day there might be another litte girl in the home. I actually use to say I didn't want anymore girls because of the emotional rollercoasters, but now I embrace the beauty of girlhood. The beauty of womanhood.

I am also thankful for their relationship with each other. They are each others best friend. And my best friends also.

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Nancy said...

Oh, you have the cutest little girls! It is so nice that they're close in age and can be best friends. I think Celeste and Eden will be close, too. Even though there's 15 years between them! Love your new blog!